Shimano Tanatoru

- 8 Braid PE Line

- Highest quality IZANAS PE Fibers

- Braided with Shimano Tough Cross Technology to create a tightly woven & smooth line

- Shimano VT Technology helps keep the line straight and with less stretch

- Construction Method : IZANAS® + VT Braided

- Line Type : Braided Line

- Country of Origin : Japan

- Multiple Colors (5 colors * 10m, 1m/5m pitch marking)

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Model :
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Model RatingColourLength
Tanatoru 8PE0.6 (14.5lb)Multi100m x 6 spools
Tanatoru 8PE0.8 (18.3lb)Multi100m x 6 spools
Tanatoru 8PE1 (22.4lb)Multi100m x 6 spools
Tanatoru 8PE1.5 (31.7lb)Multi100m x 6 spools
Tanatoru 8PE2 (42.8lb)Multi100m x 12 spools
Tanatoru 8PE3 (54.6lb)Multi100m x 12 spools
Tanatoru 8PE4 (67.8lb)Multi100m x 12 spools
Tanatoru 8PE5 (81.2lb)Multi100m x 12 spools
Tanatoru 8PE6 (92lb)Multi100m x 12 spools
Tanatoru 8PE8 (113.7lb)Multi100m x 18 spools
Tanatoru 8PE10 (146.6lb)Multi100m x 18 spools
Tanatoru 8PE12 (164.8lb)Multi100m x 18 spools
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